BarCamp wouldn’t be possible without the generous donations of our sponsors.  A donation of any size is appreciated, but the most common sponsorship levels are laid out here:


Standard Sponsorship – $300

This is the most common way to help out BarCampRDU.  It is a great way to get some exposure for your business!

  • Logo (small) placement on the BarCampRDU T-Shirts
  • Logo placement on signage displayed at the event location
  • Blog post and tweet thanking you for your sponsorship


Main Item Sponsorship (or $1000 cash donation)

If you would like to sponsor one of our main items at the un-conference or make a donation of $1000 or more, we’d like to reward and recognize you as much as we can.

  • Everything from Level 1
  • Naming rights to one of the breakout rooms at the event location
  • Larger logo on the signage and T-Shirts
  • Special thanks during the opening speech on the day of the event

The main items and dollar estimations are provided below, and they are based on last years costs so these may change based on vendors.

  • Breakfast – ~$1000
  • Lunch – ~$2000
  • T-Shirts – ~$1500
  • Pre-Conference Party – ~$1500


How To Sponsor

If you are interested in sponsoring BarCampRDU, please contact Jason Austin at jfaustin at gmail dot com.  Our preferred method of collecting donations is via PayPal (try to use the personal payment option to avoid PayPal fees, please), but we can also accept checks.  Invoices can be created if necessary.  Also remember that BarCampRDU is an organization run completely by volunteers, so we have no official tax status or ID number.


I Want To Sponsor, What Does BarCampRDU Need From Me?

Let us know as soon as you can that you are interested in sponsoring and at what level.  We don’t necessarily need your money immediately, but the sooner you can get it to us the better.  If you are sponsoring one of the main items, we will likely work with you to pay a vendor directly as opposed to us being the middle man.

Once you have let us know that you want to sponsor BarCampRDU, we will need a vector-based graphic of your company’s logo.  This should be monotone if possible.  Also helpful would be any information about your company that you would like us to feature on a blog post.  You can send all this information to jfaustin at gmail dot com.


SWAG and Promotional Items

We definitely encourage our sponsors to bring any promotional items you would like to give away to all the guests.  There will be a small display area setup where sponsors can place any promotional items.

BarCampRDU 2013

BarCampRDU 2013
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