BarCampRDU 2009 still in need of sponsors

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June 29, 2009 by snoopdave

Fundraising for BarCampRDU is moving much more slowly than in previous years and we’re only half-way to our goal. Last year we had 247 registered and 137 attended. We spent $5150 on pre-party, breakfast, coffee, lunch and t-shirts. This year, we have about 250 registered, but only $2950 in sponsor pledge. If we don’t come up with about $3000, we’re going to have to cut some things.

So, we’re doing another call for sponors today and we need your help.

Please help us spread the word about the unqiue event that is BarCampRDU, about the 250 influential technology geeks, early adopters, entreprenuers and social media mavens that come together to create a conference right out of thin air. The benefits of sponsoring are social networking opportunities, publicity, new friends, mentions in announcements about BarCampRDU and your logo on the event t-shirt.

We’d want to get a couple of messages out too. The first is that pledging money is not the only way to sponsor. For example, A local restaurant or coffee shop could sponsor by providing lunch or coffee. If you’ve got contacts that could help us out then please let us know. If you’ve got local contacts that could help us out then please let us know.

The second is that $300 is not the one and only pledge amount. In the past we’ve asked for a minimum pledge of $300 and that limits our sponsor pool. So we’re also establishing some sponsor levels to encourage donations at all levels: silver ($50 and up), gold ($175 and up), platinum ($500 and up) and diamond ($1000 and up). Contact us for more information about these levels or any other questions about sponsoring  BarCarmpRDU.


Dave (dave.johnson at

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