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June 17, 2009 by snoopdave

BarCampRDU is Saturday August 8, 2009 and less than two months away. It’s not too early to start thinking about sessions. Are there any particular topics you’d like to learn more about? Issues you’d like to discuss? What would you like to teach others?

Last year, we had forty sessions. There were eight business sessions, fifteen software development sessions, five social media sessions and an assortment of talks on open source, healthcare, lifestyles, fun and games.  Below is the session grid we came up with and a spreadsheet that lists all the 2008 sessions.

Now’s your chance. If you’ve got a great session ideas,  then propose it on the BarCampRDU wiki sessions page so you can connect with other campers interested in the same topics. Here’s how things are supposed to work according to the BarCampRDU wiki:

A BarCamp is an ad-hoc unconference. Here’s how sessions are run at a BarCamp

  1. People suggest sessions on the Wiki
  2. People claim sessions as leaders on the Wiki
  3. A time slot schedule will be drawn up based on the number of sessions suggested and claimed on the Wiki

The morning of the BarCampRDU, session organizers will present an abstract of their sessions. Organizers will then sign up for slots on the time schedule, so the schedule will be created on the morning of.

Proposing up-front is not 100% necessary and you can definitely throw a great session on a spur of the moment, but it will increase the chances of getting the session you want.

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